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Four Officers killed in WA State, and all the world cares about is Tiger Woods sustaining minor injuries in a car accident. I hate humanoids.

fucking dirtbag
I heard this guy was an ex convict who had a life sentance but he was given a pardon by mike huckabee
also he shot these guys while they were sitting down eating at a local restaurant
I heard he was injured though, and he is held up at a home, hopefully the cops wait long enough to storm the house so he dies a painful death
cuz if he makes it to prison he'll be hailed as a hero and will wait years till he gets put to death if that is even an option in WA

Speaking of shitty TV, did you see the pre-views for MTV's new show. Jersy Shore?

Its a bunch of ppl who look like moneystein fucking skanks and doing jager bombs, but for real, and on tv. Its so bad I couldn't stop laughing, my gut hurt!!

The sad thing is lots of people take it seriously, and then actually get butt hurt when I laugh at it. I just keep laughing and say I'm sorry that you actually take this seriously.
WTF MTV needs to stop making shows that lower the intelligence of the nation
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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