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Since purchasing our 2017 Honda Ridgeline, we have been experiencing intermittent noxious fuel/fumes/exhaust odors in the cabin as well as significant fuel outgassing in our garage. The Ridgeline has been to Frontier Honda Service on four occasions for attempted repair; however, the service technicians, although able to smell it, cannot identify the root of the problem or establish its cause.

For safety reasons, we will not put our family in the truck as we cannot be assured that carbon monoxide and other noxious gases are not filling the cabin. We are also afraid to park the vehicle in our garage because of fuel outgassing and the possibility of an explosion. The truck has been extensively disassembled by a number of technicians and has had various systems inspected and flushed to no avail.

Both our local dealership and American Honda ‘cannot guarantee the safety’ of our new Honda Ridgeline. We have appreciated all of the efforts and open communication with our local Service Manager; however, at his direction, we opened a case with American Honda on 04/14/18. Our District Case Manager, James, finally called and left a message on 04/23/18. I called him 3 times again and finally heard back on 04/26/18. He told us that he was not willing to provide any sort of safety guarantee and that because technicians could not recreate the smell (which is not true because it’s even stated on our repair invoices that they smelled it), that Honda was not able to fix it. He also denied us the use of a rental car in the meantime. He called again today and stated that a regional technician would be available to inspect it on 05/18/18. So we are supposed to leave our brand new Ridgeline sitting in the driveway for a month because we have no assurance that it is safe!

This is our first experience with Honda. We are understandably frustrated and very disappointed to be in this situation - which has been incredibly worrying, time-consuming and stressful. Has anybody else been experiencing these noxious gases and outgassing on the new model Honda Ridgeline? Has anybody received this type of response from Honda? For a company that prides itself on safety, this is highly concerning and disturbing.
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