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I was wondering what fuel pressure to put it at for now until I can get it dyno tuned which wont be for a few months. I had it at 44 psi and it would ping but not to much only to where you really have to listen for it, so I turned it to 46 psi and it had no more ping. Now with my mods I wanted to get a idea where to have it at until the dyno tune.

I got these mods
4-2-1 Header
ZEX Comp Cam Stage 2
10:1 compression
60mm Throttle Body
2 lb Crank Pulley
7 lb Flywheel
Apex N1 Exaust
Skunk2 Cam Gear
Skunk2 Chip [email protected],000 and changes afr and no speed limiter but I redline at 7,800
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Hyper Ground Wires
NGK V-Power Plugs
9mm Spark Plug Wires
SI Tranny
ACT 6 Puck Clutch
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