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Alright just got home after spending like 6 hours working on the car, installed the AEM fuel rail and the Megan FPR... but im having problems with the fuel return line that originally came from the OEM regulator... but the new one does not have a return line... so this is what i did, the FRP came with some funny bracket thing that connected onto the rail, to there the OEM FPR would have sat. but when i do this, the engine does not start, i think the fuel just flows in one end of the rail and right out the other side.... sooo i took the stock regulator and hooked it up (with no vaccume line, cause the IM vaccume line went to the new FPR) and when i do this the car runs, and idles fine... but i know its not right.... and i want it done correct.

so does anyone have anyidea on what to do?


here is where the OEM regulator would sit on the rail

This came with the FPR... this gets connected to the fuel return line... but the car wont start with this

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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