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yea man its pretty self-explanitory....

before you start open your gas cap to relieve pressure and also there is a 12mm (i think) nut on the top right side of the fuel rail that you also loosen to relieve pressure

1) unbolt the fuel regulator from the right side of the fuel rail, also disconnect the line that goes from it to the intake manifold...pull that back out of the way.

2) unbolt the fuel line from the fuel rail on the left side making sure not to lose the two washers above and below the fuel line....pull it back out of the way

3) there should be a black plastic cover that covers all the wiring for the injectors, it is held on by clips, unclip it and get it out of the way, its a pain in the arse

4) loosen and remove the 3 10mm bolts holding the fuel rail secure to the intake manifold

5) gently pull back on the fuel rail until the injectors pop out of the intake manifold, the injectors should stay stuck in the fuel rail.

6) twist the fuel rail back where you can get the harnesses off of the injectors

7) pull the injectors CAREFULLY out of the fuel rail

make sure when you pull the injectors out that you dont drop them. i made that mistake and busted the porcelain looking end off of one of them....luckily, it still works.

if you need any more help or if i missed a step, IM me on aim at forbiddenimports

good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts