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I have just purchased a new MSD high flow fuel pump(MSD 2225) and have yet to install it, for my turbo project. I have not yet bought a fuel management system but have installed a B&M FPR. Does anybody know whether or not I'll need a fuel pump voltage booster (running >8psi boost) for my DOHC ZC? I have been keeping my eye on the APEX'i S-AFC II trying to figure out whether or not it will do the job or will I be wasting my money.
My pump did not come with instructions. buggers.
Also, while I'm on it, which side of the fuel filter do I run it from? The OUT to the FPR or on the return line... I read somewhere that the vacuum dependant fuel pumps are installed on the fuel return.
Please help me out, I've been collecting parts and building this setup for two years and am ready to start the install. :D
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