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G5A: SoCal Summer Burnout 09 -

All vehicles meet

Gen5Alive retail and installation facility meet for summer 09

Date of June 20 2009

Gen5Alive Autosport division
13429 Pumice street
Norwalk, CA 90650

3:00 P.M at Gen5Alive store until 11:00P.M

Event type:
Meet and greet, Potluck style bonfire/bbq, Live DJ'ed event in installation facility

Event highlights:
- Bisimoto engineering will bring his full race insight to facility for viewing and discussion
- Gusrod79 to be showing his H swapped (G5A swapped) 94 Accord
- Naisamike will actually be at an event this time!
- Padillaz will be attending with his new valve cover, header, lugs, intake and more that was installed by G5A staff.

- Bisimoto's Engineerings; Bisi Ezerioha and Hedi Kim will be on site to enjoy festivities and ambiance with fellow tuners such as every person coming to the meet.

Rules and regulations,
- All participating members must bring something
- All participating members will not perform burnouts, revs or other such immature activity, I have plate numbers and Norwalk PD is not too far away. If you do such burnouts you will be removed by members or by Police. The choice is yours.
- All members who wish to attend and who have not in the past, will be assessed a cover charge of $5, this is to help cover those who bring items to the meet and also to help offset the cost of the facilities for the meet. This means power, water, food, and cleanup efforts

1. TSM_Pikachu
2. Kuyaalland
3. Bryce vanhorn (non member)
4. Jen Sata (non member)
5. Bisi Ezerioha, Hedi and Stitch (9 second all motor insight)
6. Hedi kim
7. Alex23
8. DomoCD5
9. jdm94akkord
10. gusrod79
11. naisamike
12. padillaz
13. thesonners
14. rollaRS180
15. scanlessfool
16. cordex00 (
17. Adam Zachmeyer (Non member)
18. Amy Jour (Non member)
19. Yoshi (DJ)
20. Hondeep

Post current through 6/16/09
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