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I was thinking of getting some gagues to add to my A pillar. I think I only want two. Which ones should I get oil pressure and fuel pressure? I plan on staying all motor. Where can I get teh gagues and gauge holder? Are they an easy install? Prices etc. thanx.
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I would just get an air fuel guage and maybe a small tach if u dont have one already. Other then that i would suggest summit, that is where i got mine. They vary depending on guage but there around 45 bucks. Install is preatty basic up until the wiring part....most companies like autometer send instructions..not to mention there on there website.
I have Oil Temperature (which is a better indicator of your engine's running temp than the Honda water temp gauge, which always seems to stay in the same place) :p

And Voltmeter (which shows if your alternator is running, as well as what drain your electrical devices (A/C, radio, headlights, rear defroster, etc) are putting on the car's voltage) :)

I got them for about $40 each from (the a-pillar pod as well)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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