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Garage Sale! PRELUDE/ACCORD Parts- H22 TWM ITB's

Alright, Im cleanin out my garage and I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of

First off, I have a set of h22a 52mm TWM ITB's w/ delphi 370cc injectors (obd1) These are used, and are in EXCELLENT condition, The throttle plates have been knife-edged to improve response even more, A very special set! comes with tps and throttle rotor as well! make an offer... I payed 1500 for these bad boys, and I cant believe i have to let them go, but I am moving and I need money BADLY!

Stock h22 flywheel 10+shipping SOLD
Accord Alternator w/larger lightweight pulley installed 40$ shipped
92-96 lude p/s pump with bracket 30$ shipped
H22 lude axles they are used but in pretty good condition, no rips in the boots! 50 shipped (they are ognna be costly to ship)
h22 lude half shaft, in great condition 40 shipped SOLD
94-97 accord test pipe, 20$ shipped, this does NOT have the O2 bung on it, so its better for you obd1 guys SOLD
92-96 prelude a/c compressor, about 30k miles on it, was pulled from a running lude - gonna be costly to ship 10+shipping
94-97 Drivers side accord knuckle assembly w/o ABS- I'll throw in a mint condition hub as well 30+shipping

90-97 accord Left and Right side upper control arms WITH SPC adjustable balljoints already installed, as well as anchor bolts, just slap em on and your good to go! 100$ shipped SOLD
90-97 accord left side upper control arm, with stock balljoint and anchor bolts 20 shipped
F22b1 TCU for OBD1 cars... Im sure it would fit any obd1 f22.. 15 shipped
Accord auto shift knob with the black cover that has the drive selections on it - 10 shipped
94-97 Accord stock airbox, stock intake resonator and intake pipe 25$ shipped, i can part out these items
90-93 accord or 92-96 lude IAT sensor 5$shipped
90-97 accord stock driver side shock/strut assembly FREE just pay for shipping!

If you have any questions, PM me!
or email me at [email protected]

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Can you do $35 shipped for the h22 prelude half shaft. I also want to make sure this is for a 5spd Prelude and that it also comes with the mount on the half shaft. If so please pm your info as I need to send payment asap because I need this to be shipped by friday or sat at the latest as my car is in the shop and I'm waiting for this last part.
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