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I have the exact same problem. I think it's the light on the gauge cluster. But I haven't checked into it yet. How to take it off is a bit time consuming though. You have to take out your vents, cruise control button, dimmer controller, and ash tray. Then start looking for screws. There should be 1 behind the drivers side vent. 1 behind the coin holder. 2 above gauge cluster. 2 behind center vents. 1 or 2 above climate controller. 1 or 2 behind the ash tray. 1 behind the cruise control switch, 1 behind the dimmer switch. After all the screws have been removed then you can take off the dash bezel(be careful not to bend or crack it). Then you'll have access to your gauge cluster. There should be 4 screws total to take off from the sides of the cluster. There should also be 2 or 3 wire harnesses that have to come off too. Then gently slide the cluster out, lower your steering wheel and slide the cluster out and towards the middle of the car. Then you have your cluster out. Simple isn't it? :D Good luck.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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