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GDC'06: Harrison To Kick Off GDC With PS3 Keynote

Sony's Head of Worldwide Studios set to focus on PlayStation3...

Posted: 11:43 on 22 Mar 2006

Sony Computer Entertainment America has today confirmed that the President of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison will be focusing on PlayStation3 in his keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California.

Set to take to the stage at 10.30am PST (18.30pm GMT), Harrison will deliver his speech "PlayStation3: Beyond the Box" where further details on the next-console are expected to be released.

"Developers play a key role in the success of the PlayStation platforms, creating innovative content that takes advantage of our cutting edge technologies, bringing them to life," said Phil Harrison, President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment. "The Game Developers Conference gives us an opportunity to collaborate with the development community, and demonstrate new technology, business models and our vision that will help fuel the growth of the computer entertainment industry."

Following the announcement that the PlayStation3 will be delayed until a global launch in November, it'll be interesting to hear what Harrison has to say; we'll have details on the speech later in the day.
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