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Gen5 Accord + H22 + Turbo possible?

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I am looking and researching very hard into the subjuct of swapping an H22 into my car. When I get the doner powertrain, I am planning to add a LSD and rebuild the motor. It would me mighty stupid of me not to with it sitting on a table.

What I am trying to find out is how much more difficult is it for me to add a turbo system (either from Drag or F-Max) into the car while I am at it.

Has anyone done this to their car?
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A friend of mine has an H22A in a 95 Accord with the revhard kit. It was all done at a shop near me in VA called INLINE-PRO. I noticed you are in philly, the shop is around four hours from you. Here is the link:
Mark from the other webboard (hs) has a 95 h22 built motor with a turbo. Search it on the that board
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