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Hey guys,
Ive got a COMPLETE new in the box set of fog lights for a 93-95 civic 3 door.
the part # on the box is 08v31-sro-101 ive only opened the box and taken some pictures... nothing has been out of the plastic sealed bags at all!!!
this stuff is not DEPO aftermarket crap... this is REAL HONDA parts!!!!
i have been told that HONDA does not make this stuff anymore?
please e-mail if your interested in them, ive got pictures.
asking 250. to your door

[email protected]
I alos have a brand new in the box 2005 RX8 steering wheel w/ all radio and cruise control built in the wheel
wheel is black from 10-2 oclock and 8-4 oclock and peanut butter tan the rest... does not have air bag, this wheel is beautiful... was going to put it in a project, things have changed!....its all gota go.
also have a 2005 RX* oil cooler in the box.... could be a GREAT tranny cooler or a GREAT oil cooler for a turbo, its got -an fittings in-out
have pictures of all this stuff.
e-mail please
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