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Gettin Laid Tonight / New Drift Kit for 4th gens

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so yeah, my house is throwing a foam party tonight... its gonna be off the heezey fo sheezey (my neezey) ill have some fucking raw pics, the fucking setup already looks fucking dope as hell, i wish all you peeps could be here (u of i) and get drunk wasted and laid with me, but oh wellz. so ill have some pics before during and after to post. but youre probably thinking this is off topic so im gonna introduce the new drift kit for us 4th gens, and im actually thinking of gettin the front end, so here it is:

hell yeah, i have another pic, but ill post later on... what do you guys think?
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villin said:
its between that, the octane kit, the octane kit with the space for the 4 front bumper lights, or the WW rs kit...

good think i dont need to decide until i get the money :)
Not a bad looking kit.....Does the girl come with it :D
looks dope....but the color scheme...that odd color firey thing is hideous....the paint job ruined the lude...but i like the kit..
hey dude what kind of front bumper is that???...nice color too
its nice
i agree, the paint job ruins it, but like i said, its the new drift kit.


some gay pics from the party... the real shit is on video tape, so when i have a chance to cap it, i will... this is like early on shit before the shit got bumpin when it was kinda a sausage fest...

ps, i didnt get laid, but messed arround with 3 girls and got hit on by like 8. i had more important issues to tend to though.. :)

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hehe sweetness =)
I don't like any body kits for 4Gs, but that would the best that I've seen so far.
Wutangben: Even I got ass last night (and this morning). You're slacking man. It looks like you had a good party going last night though.
damn, i wished i was told of this party :( , where in u of i was this at?
bitches come a dime a dozen for me:)

or I have a gf:) well maybe an X now...who knows.
GldCrzy said:
damn, i wished i was told of this party :( , where in u of i was this at?
i posted about it here, and in the off topic forum. IM me on aol instant messanger and ill tell you where it was at. my aim name is putangben.
sick party...that's a lot of people...something are bound to be broken....
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