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gettin torqued up

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ive heard from people that puttin on only an exhaust system will actually lower my 0-60 cuz it takes away torque. is this true? and what can be done to put some torque into my integra Ls the cheap way (under 300 bux)?
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Yes, you will lose some of the torquey feel down low but the catback will make for smoother power delivery and stronger feel in the upper RPM.

The Best mod I experienced for my LS with relation to I/H&E was the AEM/CAI.


I already had a short ram air installed on my Ls. Too bad, i shoulda waited until the shop got the CAI but i was jumpy and bought it under pressure. intant gratification. im thinking an ecu would help, but then i need headers and stuff so i dont shorten the lifespan of my engine when i decide to sell. u guys got any suggestions as to ECUs ? its for a 96 integra Ls
Theres No need for and ECU change with what you have right now. You won't gain anything much.


thanks for the tip b4 i wasted money. i guess engine mods would be in order. cam, pulleys, header, suggestions? cuz i know my engine could do better, but the factory settings are holdin me back.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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