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girl racers in chicago? 847/630/etc

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girl racers in chicago? 847/630/708/etc

any females ot anyBODY from chicago area? maybe we could get a meet sometime when it gets warmer
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sorry to post but for some reason i'm a realy bored guy. anyway there will be a few desent meets coming up. One is April 20th at Streets of woodfield in the parking garage roof. the other is gonna end up being mid/late may right on the lake and its gonna be a big meet for the whole midwest.
ImportMonkey said:

I got bored, and live near chi-town so I guess I'll post here too :) .. I wouldn't go with a meet anywhere near streets. They just had that gang fight there and police situation is tight... any modded car doing any cruising by can now be ticketed for it, usually where we meet up now a days is at the Starbucks on Schaumburg and Barrington road. :)
speakin of you'll get a ticket.... I've honsely never seen a cop on higins road in the forest perserve. Its 1130 I'm running late to get to a friends. I decide to go fast... theres a camaro bugin me so I fly past him and proceded to take it too 100. Well looks like i saw the cop a lil to late so he got me!!! 97 in a 50 He wanted to arrest me but since I dint have 200 bucks of bail money he pumped it down to 39 over so that I wouldnt have to be arrested. And since i'm a senior in HS graduate in 2 months my p's wont let me drive anywhere but school till i graduate. Anyone have a clue how much a ticket would cost me like this? And I've had 1 ticket before so would they take my liscense?:confused:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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