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Go all out Eclipse audio? Opinions please....

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I've been recommended to go all Eclipse for my civic. I currently have the 3421 HU, and I plan on getting an amp, 2 12" subs, and components in the near future. What is everyone's opinion on Eclipse? I'm looking for sound quality more than deafening bass. From what I hear Eclipse is one of the better manufactureres, but I want to hear everyone's opinion before I make a VERY costly decision :) . Thanks for any opinions and comments.
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Eclipse does make nice subs and decks, but I am not so sure that their amps and highs are one of the top out there. Maybe look at a set of Image components, the Chameleon series are excellent. As for amps, if you're looking for SQ take a look at Arc Audio,
i was gonna say the same thing. they make great decks one of the best,some say the best. subs are pretty good too. the components are ok and i would definatly get a different brand amp there is a lot better for the money you pay for them.
I have an 800 watt eclipse amp powering four 6.5" point source eclipse speakers with a pioneer meh-9000R minidisc h/u. The setup is crystal clear. The speakers are very hard to distort, and for the price they are a steal. You should be able to pick up a pair of point source speakers for like 80 bucks on ebay. If you want a component set look for the eclipse 8062's. They go for about 300 in stores, but on ebay they're around 150 (I'm planning to upgrade my speakers to these in the near future). I hope I helped you out.
Thanks everyone for your input. I'll look into the other companies. My problem is that this is my first system EVER lol. Yeah I'm a nOOB at audio. And I don't wanna blow 2g's and then regret it. Thanks a lot once again.
Not a problem man, we were all newbies and one point or another. Best of luck to you, and let us know how it turns out.
I would go with eclipse on everything but the amps. While they make some sweet amps as well, they're a bit over priced. I'd go RF for both amps personally.
eclipse subs

I am selling eclipse 12's for cheap if interested. email me.
hey .... pio ur mail box is full...... wanna sell it to me for 150? thx
Arc is really one of the new players and is gaining a lot of popularity. I just checked them out at my local dealer, and the build quality seems excellent. I'm probably going to be using them in my next system.

The only other amps I would run, would be the Ti series by PG, and the new JL amps. Xtant and a/d/s/ would also be on my list.
Arc is indeed coming into it's own, and for good reason...they make awesome amps. You won't be disappointed with them.
VTECnicalAccord said:
Arc is indeed coming into it's own, and for good reason...they make awesome amps. You won't be disappointed with them.
That's because they were designed by the same guy who designed the older Zapcos. Jason Zeff? Something of that nature, but I forgot.

<edit> Robert Zeff was the designer headlining the design....He's the Z in ZAPCO
I've got a zapco amp, and that thing is the cleanest amp i've ever heard. If the Arc amps are designed by the same guy, which i do believe is correct, then they are definitely awesome. I've been hearing awesome things about the Arc amps ever since they came out.
Yeah, from what I understand, Zeff left Zapco because they wanted to cut corners. From what I have been told Zapco wanted to save money by using cheaper parts and Zeff wasn't in agreement, so he left and works with Nikola Engineering, the company that develops Arc's amps.

the only thing eclipse i would use id the HU...... if u want a great sq sub look at the beyond audio inhuman. i have 2 custom build 12's and i hope to be hitting 155+ this year but the sub was realy built as a sq sub and as a side afect these thing go hella loud. for a amp get the zapco c2k 9.0...... for components get cdt or focal, also u can look at the diamond audio hex series......

hope this helps
There's nothing to gain by going all one brand...especially in car audio... I went all pioneer in my car (funny thing I used to hate anything pioneer made... but I cahnged my mind when they started making exactly what I was looking for.) and it didn't do me any good except to see pioneer everywhere in my car. The basci thing you should look at is the price.. you can figure unless the componeent has something truly amazing about it, you probably aren't going to be able to tell the difference between the performance of a slightly cheaper component... Eclips is a little pricey for what they make.. but if you want eclipse buy it.. sometimes you might want to buy something just for the bragging rights. Also consider the company... if it's a big company and they've been making the componenet for a while it is probably good enough.
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i myself only buy from the small companies.... exept for my amp then u go with crossfire or zapco, arc audio and shit like that..
well lets just say that if you ever have any ideas your welcome to come on to SHO and ask ALL of us on our opinion.. maybe you dont care but its sure sumtin to consider since alot of them guys on SHO have plenty of experience w/ entry audio to high end audio..
I asked around about ARC, and I've heard good things about it. Except for one thing....the price heheeh. I'm sorta on a budget, like most people. I want decent sq but it doesn't have to be the BEST because after all....i don't plan on keepin my civic forever :D . I'm not really into brand names, actually I could care less about brands. All I want is quality. I don't think I'll go with eclipse components due to everything that I've heard.

As for the amp....I'll TRY to save enough for xtants or arc. We'll see how it goes. Once again thanks everyone for your input. Also, if anyone has any opinions on, lets say, components i'll be more than glad to hear it hehe. Oh yeah....and sorry for this longass entry but, I'm planning to get 2 12" subs. So eclipse is decent for that?
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