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Nice to think that Sony is figuring out creative ways to provide desireable and unique content to their games.

God Of War I & II Coming To Blu-ray???

A Sony questionnaire has hinted at the possibility of God of War I and II being released on Blu-ray...

By Gwynne Dixon
Posted: 16/04/2009

In a questionnaire on the US PlayStation blog, Sony has been asking gamers what they want to see in the collector's edition of God of War III, with the most surprising option being the first two God of War games on Blu-ray.

Amongst the usual options of collectible items, developer commentaries, 'making of' documentaries, and art books is the addition of the first two God of War games coming packaged with God of War III on a Blu-ray disc.

This has got us pretty excited (hence why we entered it as "10=most important" on the questionnaire) because the God of War series is more story-driven than most and, with the lack of PS2 backwards compatibility on most PS3s, we'd like to brush-up on the previous instalments in a gloriously upscaled 720p when God of War III arrives.

Other options for the collector's edition include a full game soundtrack (which is pretty tempting as the previous games' scores have been pretty good), a graphic novel, access to exclusive DLC, and a God of War I/II cinematic movie compilation (which is nice and all, but we'd still prefer the full games if they're on offer Sony).

There's no way of telling whether this questionnaire will have a knock-on effect to what actually ends up in God of War III's CE - the corporate bigwigs will probably fail to get the memo or something - but check it out here to have your say anyway.

God of War Fans: Take the God of War III Collector?s Edition Survey - PlayStation.Blog

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Oh god YES!!! God of War (to me) was the BEST game series ever made. This would be awesome to see even tho I already own 1 and 2 it would still be nice to have both on Blu-ray. That way I wouldn't have to worry too much about the disk getting scratched up due to blu-ray being 10x more durable than a standard CD or DVD.

Every once in a while I love sitting down for a whole day or two and beat both GoW 1 & 2. I would have to say that the second one is the best due to being able to start at the beginning with all the baddest weapons you collected after beating the game the first time.

GoW3 is going to ROCK!!! :number1
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