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Going from 6x9 to 6.5, help!

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Well, Crutchfiled told me my 93 accord lx had 6.5 in the rears, but today when i got my 2 pairs of 6.5 and I took a look at my rears, they weren't 6.5, but 6x9. I was wondering what kind of difference would i notice if i was to put the 6.5 in place of the 6x9? Also my new 2 pairs of 6.5 are components, so i can put the tweeter anywhere i want and that might work out better, but I don't to put them in and hate them, then end up not being able to return them cause they're opened.
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Well, 6x9s suck, so the difference you will see will be better sound. As far as mounting the tweeter anywhere, I would advise you to keep it close to your 6.5 inch driver. Keeping the midbass and tweeter close together helps with your staging and imaging. If you car is a coupe, think about adding an amp and amping your front speakers. Rear fill isn't something needed in a coupe, so like I said, possibly consider running an amp to your fronts and dropping the rear altogether.
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