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Going to trd dodge for new civic which one?

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I am going to bite the dust and lose 15 thousand dollars I paid so far for my Intrepid and get rid of it before its only worth 8K and my extended warranty runs out. I am going to buy a civic but me and my fiance keep debating which one to get.

Let me explain why I have pros and cons for each decision

I want input from everyone if you can tell me more facts about some of my issues.

1) 4dr or 2 dr. I like the convenience of the 4dr but the 2 dr looks better when tricked out. BUT... I heard the 2dr is alot noisier and rides not as good as the 4 dr. But I heard the 2 dr handles alot better. What have you all experienced with this new generation model. Also, are there more performance parts available for 2 dr models rather 4 dr??

2) LX or EX. What is the price diff 3000$ ?? Is it worth it over an LX? I am going to get a 5 speed so that is not an issue. Will there be alot of performance parts made just for the ex and not lx despite my definite choosing of a 5 speed? Anyway,, the dealer here sells lxs for like 14200 not sure ex. Help me out with what a good price for an ex should be and the pros and cons. Thanks everyone. I am ready to be happy to return to honda. Plus the dealer here changes oil for 9.95 cheap huh!!
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If you are going to get a 7th generation civic (2001-2002), I would get the coupe. That is just my taste though. I have a 2001 civic ex coupe with a 5 speed and I love the car. I paid $16,200 for it, with the rear spoiler. My dad has a 2002 lx automatic coupe, and he paid $14,160 for it. The 7th gen took a while for me to get used to since I had a 94 civic before and the 2001 was such a drastic change, but now that I have had the car for 7,000 miles I know that I have made the right decision on buying this car. If you want more info from people that own the 7th generation civic, check out .
if it is possible try and import the new type-r civic the are out on the streets were i live and all the proformance mag are saying it is one of the best hot hatchs they have every driven if that is not possible. oh well
i have a 98 EX coupe, and i like it. the ride isn't harsh or anything, so i'm biased to say go with the ex coupe. are you planning on modding it at all? if so, then i'd say go for a used SI, the B series engine has more potential than the D series
Price and comment

Hendrick Honda in charlotte has given me the best price so far

15,697.47 with muds and matts no spoiler and with side airbags option. I think its a good price what you all think? I am having troublegetting payoff on my intrepid 13500 although they sell for 17k 3500 not enough profit for them?

I do plan on modifying it some maybe another 50 hp nothing too severe. I like the 4 drs and 2 drs just like it quiet and ride good and i heard the 2 drs arent that great at quiet and ride.
No kids coming soon or no regular riders besides you and your fiancee - I'd go with the coupe.

No difference in availability performance parts between 2dr and 4dr, EX or LX.

If you want power locks/windows and the moon roof - go with the EX. Don't want those - Go LX.

If I lived in Charlotte (been there) I'd buy an EX. Lots of nice spring-summer-fall weather to open the moon roof. But, be carefull if you do a drop. The snow will clog the wheelwells real fast and impair your handling.

Go to for prices. It's not the only site, but a good one. I'd get the side impact air bags, rear spoiler, and Fog lights. Tell the dealer you want it all for under $19K and it should be a good deal.
I don't know what you are talking about with the coupe being loud...My car is very quiet. The heat is sooo hot and the a/c is nice too. My 94 civic didnt have such great a/c so i was pleased with my 2k1's airconditioning. If you are worried about performance parts for the 7th gen civic....Don't be, there is already alot of performance items on the market already. Check out the site that I put in my last post, you will find plenty of useful information there from people that own 7th gens...check out the member rides too....
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