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Good high performance tires, BUT also high treadwear?

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Well im going to be commuting to a from school next year, and right now i have yoko paradas on my car, and they supposedly have a 300 treadwear rating. Are there any higher treadlife ratings for 205/40 or 205/45 17 inch tires? I also want the look of high performance if they arent.
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I have found that treadwear ratings don't seem to mean a lot in actual tread life. I have had 180s out last 320s. I liked the wear on the Toyo Proxes that I had, just not quite as much grip as I wanted. But for the grip to milage they were pretty good.
Well im doing fine with my nitto 450 extremes... 215 35 18's so far so good other than the fact a belt broke on one for some odd reason ( no i did not hit a pot hole) haha
Well treadwear ratings are manufacturer specific...they're not universal. Fairly useless if you ask me. You can only compare among other tires made by that manufacturer.

But for a long lasting sticky tire...i know you've heard this a thousand times, but the kumho ecsta supras are really long lasting and sticky...not to mention a lot cheaper than paradas. I'd definitely get them.
i heard you cant go wrong with kumho ecsta supra 712's
i have khumos and they're EXCELLENT. very good treadwear too :)
is the tread pattern agressive looking?
yep, they look like your classic z-rated tire
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