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Good to be back

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First off i want to say its great to have the site back. Also I dont drive a rex, but i do drive a 4th gen hatch, i know its not the same, but i feel more at home in this area. I was wondering any common problems ppl are having with the b16a's in their cars? I have one sitting in my garage that i am rebuilding and plan on putting it in about the end of march, but i just wanted to know of any problems that ppl have had with the engines or the swap itself?
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Yes yes . . I am very happy I can come back . .
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SHO!:D I think they do this on purpose just to make the board stay popular. Some of those other boards really suck!

Shouldn't really have any problems on the B16 swap, just make sure your VTEC wires are made and connected properly. My freinds sat in his garage for two years, after dropping it in, because of some shitty plug wires, it was up and running on the third crank on three cyl.:) Damn Honda, you just can't beat 'em!!!
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