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Well, those of you who have been following my posts have seen that I have ordered my B16/SirII motor and that I was very excited about it. Well after several phone calls and problems with my money market accounts and with financial problems and just too much indeciveness on my part I have lost out on my motor. :( And after consulting with my friends, fellow car enthusiasts, and just picking my brain I have realized that what I think I should really do is put a Turbo on my D16. There were several factors that came to play. One is the fact that it would be a long time before I could ever afford to put a turbo on the b16 and I really am quite a turbo buff. (I've owned a Mr2 and my little sister just got a GST, not to mention all my friends.) Another factor is the "ooh" factor. I don't really show that much but you have to admit that it is alot more impressive to pop the hood and see the intercooler and turbo sitting there than just a Dual Overhead cam motor, not to mention hearing the whistle of the BOV on the road. And yet another factor is the lact of Single Overhead Cam motors at the track. Not to mention fast ones. I don't know how it is everywhere else, but a decent SOHC Honda making passes consistently is a rarity. (Without using Nitrous.) I understand that of course w/ just a turbo upgrade I won't quite be as fast as some b16's or 18's but I can always keep building it up. Here's what I just ordered as of yesterday. I shouild have it in by Thursday this week, and me and my shop Evolution Motorsports will be installing it, probably Friday through Sunday, or however long it takes.

1. Greddy Turbo Kit
includes Cast Mani, FCU, Air Intake, piping, hoses, oil lines and misc. hardware.
2. Greddy BOV
3. Greddy Intercooler Type 24, The BIG One!
4. Venom 310cc Injectors
5. Autometer Dual Gauge Pod (Pillar)
6. Autometer Boost Gauge
7. Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
8. HKS EZ EVC Boost Controller
9. ACT Clutch w/ Pressure Plate
10. B&M Shortshifter

And I do feel that this is it. I may have forgotten something. But I don't think that I did.

So, do you guys think that this was a good idea. This is a definate now so I really can't back out. I'll have the kit soon so it's just a matter of waiting. I did read how alot of people were unhappy with the inconsistency of their Turbo kit. I also noticed that those were the people w/ the lack of intercooler. I hope that the extra money that I dropped on the intercooler will help me out with the overall quality of the kit. Any other suggestions on what I should buy and so on would be greatly appreciated. Also I plan on buying my VTEC controller in about a month or two, probably when I can get some access to a Dyno so that I can get it tuned properly. Well I look foward to hearing some responses and I thank all of you who were helping me out with all the questions I had about the swap. Thanks again everyone.

Corey Tipton
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Hope it turns out great!

A thicker gasket (SCE makes them from 0.5mm on up to 3mm, and they're generally cheaper than the HKS and GReddys) is good. If the kit doesn't come with a clutch or spark plugs, I'd definitely look into swapping those out first and foremost. If you plan on going past stock boost, pistons/rods, injectors, boost controller, so on and so forth.
Hey man i think you made a good choice. Theres lots of quick sohc motors out there and they will get more respect then a quick dual cam. I did the same thing your doing. Got the Drag Gen 3 turbo kit instead of B16A. Mine isnt even a d16, i got the D15b7 1.5 liter. Built the bottom end and put the turbo kit on. Im running 8psi right now. Gonna run more as soon as i get it tuned better. Good luck.:cool:
make sure you get a leak and compression test....cold spark plugs, as for me and my turbod sohc the only probs i had were...piston rings went, radiator, car ran rich as hell and it def needed sometuning..but other then that it was fun as hell and loved lettin off the gas and hearin ..shhhhhhhh(bov)
I was going to get a B16 but i´m also a turbo buff and i´m getting mine in the summer.
Another question or two...

When my car had the basic bolt-on's it ran steady mid 16's in the quarter mile. I had intake, exhaust, cam gear. Clutch was slipping a little, and I'm not the best launcher. Now that I'll have my turbo on this week I'll be able to run at the track in about 2 weeks. My question is, is what should I expect to run. I'll have my clutch replaced, the turbo put on, and the other stuff I have on the list above. What's everyone else running in quarter mile? with what bolt ons?

Also, who is going to Carlisle? I was there last year. The sol w/ the wings west aggressor front end w/ yellow flames. Well my flames have gotten a little chipped up and the show aspect of the car ain't looking so good. I know I probably won't even place but I definately wanna chill w/ my fellow solers. I had a great time last year. So if I show I just want to make sure I won't catch too much hell about the way the car looks, rather I wanna have some good convo's. I talked to some real d*ckheads last hear. Well I'll probably register tonite. Peace
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I would say to get an ignition kit. When I get my supercharger r turbo kit i'm goign to get a ignition system first
I agree that a turbo is always a good idea. A turbo is a lot rarer than a B16 powered car
I'd say you made a good choise to get the Turbo. next you gotta build the motor and run hight boost!!!!!

I'd also suggest to get an FPR if you haven't already.
you missed something

Upgrade the radiator and raditor fan! That is, if you plan on driving it everyday. Believe me, I learned the lesson the hard way -- seeing the temp gauge peg into the red was no fun at all. I'm so lucky I didn't ruin my motor (B18B with T3/T4 turbo @ 0.4 bar). I've got a stock del Sol VTEC dual core radiator right now, but I'd just go straight for the fluidyne radiator if you can. And I upgraded to a FAL radiator fan (two reasons: couldn't fit air intake into the compressor with the stock fan shrowd, and the stock fan didn't flow nearly enough).

I saw a young lady driving a turbocharged del Sol Si -- ran 15.2 at around 90mph (not sure what kit or psi -- local 1/4 mile track). Not bad. A turbo B18B will run mid to low 14's @ 5-6psi and stock internals.

Oh, and I didn't see a turbo timer or wastegate in your list of parts? You might want to think about an EGT gauge instead of the oil pressure gauge (well, it would be better to have all three -- I do :). Or spring for Hondata, GReddy, or AEM units that'll monitor all that (not bad, assuming you already have a notebook PC -- if not, you can find a suitable ThinkPad on eBay for under $500). Well, yeah, sometimes you can't get everything you want in one expensive purchase.... And it adds up fast with all the turbo gadgets.

Happy Turboing!
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I'd go with a F-Max turbo over a Greddy any day of the week. Sure, the F-Max is a couple bucks more...but you've waited this far.
other suggestions

I would strongly suggest an EGT gauge... you will find peak/hold features come in very handy also...

I totally agree on the head gasket, also I suggest a block guard... a knock sensor computer like J&S would also be useful.
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