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alright guys, at the moment, I got a HCCA 225R, this baby is suppose to put out:

25x2 @ 4 ohm stereo
50x2 @ 2 ohm stereo --> 100x1 @ 4 ohm mono
100x2 @ 1 ohm stereo --> 200x1 @ 2 ohm mono
200x2 @ .5 ohm stereo --> 400x1 @ 1 ohm mono

I have the controls set at "mono set" on the right side cus the left side is either switch able to "0" or "180" phase switch, the right is set up to either "0", "180", or "mono"

I have the LP switched on, and at about 80htz, the HP and the thing in the middle, I have no idea what hell its for and i have it has something like, if its pushed in then its 10x, if its not pushed in then its 1x, and I'm thinking its for bass boost but there's a dial next to it going from 0db to 28db or something like that...

the problem is that my sub at the time, a 12 inch pioneer which is suppose to take 250rms, is a 4 ohm and is being hooked up mono so i'm getting about 100watts rms, its making some very weird squeekish bass notes during moments during the song that does not have any bass notes...

any ideas????
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