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Got a question.

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What is the best engine you can get for the rex. I know the zc is the cheapest and the b16 is way better but a little more expensive. But I was wondering if there are any others that are worth it. :confused:
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I hate these posts :(

all you're gonna get are opinions.... look here:
stuff a h-series or f-series motor in the rex

best motor in a rex would be none other than a b-series motor.
Here comes another flame war !!!!!

Ok I am with Marked001 why do people post these they turn into a flame war over my car with these mods can beat your car with these mods. Then after about a week of the post going on they get tired of fighting with each other and someone says it all comes down to the driver.
Look you know what you curb weight is of your car if not get a crx manuel you going to need one anyways.
After that you have a computer go spend 50 bucks and get a desk top dyno for your pc and figure everything out. You will be able to tell everything about your car what it will put out at the crank at the wheels how fast it will be in the quarter the 1/8th all that. So now go do your homework.
Sorry for sliding around on my soap box.
true true its a matter of opinion really the b series is by far the easiest and most cost effective swap and it puts out great #s and its easy to swap
I'd say go with a B series swap.....:D
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