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Greetings fellow 'Speed Freaks',

I'm needing a little advice about converting my current Lotus (Rover engine) platform to Honda JDM K20 Type R.

As many of you may already know, Lotus Elise S1 (Series 1) is a British built, superb handling light-weight sports car with a questionable power plant. Not to be confused with the S2 Toyota-based Elise made to U.S. Fed DOT standards. This is the original Sport 190 racer imported from the UK (1 of 14).

Enough history... our friends across the pond (UK) have developed some pre-engineered conversion kits that transform the relatively docile Rover engines (i.e. Range Rover) to Honda power plants that are kicking butt on most of the European race circuits.

Specifically, the kits are designed to adapt the K20A2 Type R (from European Civic's), the 6 speed gearbox, axles, etc. into the Elise, boosting the HP to around 220HP with much more reliability than the Rover (prone to blowing up a lot if you like that sort of thing).

Many have added the Jackson Racing Supercharger and are getting 320HP. Add the DC5 Integra manifold and that gets them upwards of 330HP.

As I plan my conversion to the new Honda platform, it makes sense to go with the time-tested pre-engineered kits, so I need to source an engine, gb, etc. I know nothing about Honda's right now... so hopefully I came to the right crowd.

What U.S. Honda's/Acura's carry the JDM K20 Type R? What should I ask for at the local salvage yards? Is that the best place to get one (hopefully under 15k miles)?

Second, where can one get the S/C? Is that the best way to go?

Here's one installed with the S/C. Notice the exhaust manifold get a little hot.

Thoughts?? Comments?? Suggestions? I do know that I'll want to hook-up with a local Honda tuner to help me once I get there, but I'm planning and budgeting right now for a next winter conversion (cuz track season starts in a few weeks).

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