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Got pics of my 2 door 94 and some video ;)

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Well here it is.

Car pics and video

It's under the accord directory. Please excuse my shitty camera. The car is blue-ish green (tuquoise?) and it looks "ok".

Just got it so it needs plates (will get on tuesday).

Also, Hi.

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Oh and that stereo has to go!
Is that a stock outside color?
I dunno... :confused:

I'm pretty sure it is.
Nice, it looks like it is in good condition. What is the 1st mod?
Not sure yet. Any idea whats a good thing to get for a small boost in hp?

Headers? Intake?

Which should I get first? Or should I get neither.
i noticed a decent diff after i put a intake and exhaust i'd go that route first...its all up to you though
Whats a good stereo to pop in and replace the stock one given to me by honda?
Depends on your price range. I would get either a Kenwood w/the mask, or the new Panasonic's w/graphics
nice ride
get Jensen mp5010m mp3/cd disc with 150 mp3's, never have to carry any other cds

and yeah i would get AEM intake
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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