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got the GAYest ticket today

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This has got to be one of the dumbest tickets i think i will ever get, even worse than everyone's "racing a cop" tickets. If anyone lives in a big city where they have a "munimeter" where you pay at the meter a little up the block on a city street and it prints out a receipt that you stick in your windshield, you'll know what i'm talking about. I parked my car, and then walked over to the munimeter and bought a receipt...while at the same time a cop was standing in front of my accord writing me a ticket! I ran over to him and said "HEY!!! HEY!!! Officer that's my car! i just paid for my parking!", which was right after he wrote my license plate number on the summons. Supposedly, cops arent allowed to rip up, void, or discard any summons or tickets, so he had to continue to write the whole thing out. So now I gotta send in the ticket with the receipt and plead not guilty. grr.
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That's beyond retarded... I don't believe that cannot void a ticket sh#t... I would have gotten beligerent then. :mad:

I didn't know they had those here... The only place I've ever seen those is over in Europe. I had the hardest time figuring that $#[email protected] out when I was in Germany... I can look back and laugh now. :p
i have nothing to say... it's just too stupid!
but i suggest you move! hehe..
another good reason to live in so. cali...
we have no munimeter where i live..
yea down here in so cal near the them punk cops on bikes watchin for i gotta get out of my car at the meter to get my ticket so i wont get slapped with a ticket....
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