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GReddy B-Series Turbo Kit!! Cheap!!

This kit retails for about $3,000
Im asking $1200 O.B.O
Brought the price down to $1075 shipped, need to get rid of soon!!

The kit came off my LS Integra. Blew the ring lands off a piston and well, don't have a motor. :)

18G Turbo (may need rebuild)-Has Shaft Play
Exhaust Manifold
Upper/Lower Intake Pipes with GReddy Bov ( Non-Intercooled)
310cc Injectors with harness
GReddy Blue Box and wiring Harness
Intake tubes with Filter
Also have 1g DSM sidemount (which will require some cuttin n welding to make work)
Oil lines(feed/Return)
B-series Oil pan from LS( Tapped already for oil return Line)
Comes with everything that u need to install the kit.

Shipping is included n will be sent UPS

U can e-mail me at [email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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