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It's all OBD1 Chip tuning. You need an OBD1 ECU prepared for this (Chipped/ up on that if you is a good place to start).

Once you've got that, you're pretty much done (If your original setup is NOT OBD1, then you would need the correct conversion harness...i.e. OBD2-to-OBD1 etc.).

Then find yourself an OBD1 chip tuner in your area. They'll use software programs such as Crome, Uberdata, Neptune, ECTune, or others to reprogram the microprocessor chip that is in your ECU. It's just like CD-ROM burning. They remove your chip, hook it up to their computer (by putting it in a "chip burner"), download new fuel/ignition maps, boost cuts, rev limits, launch control, and other parameters, and then re-insert the chip into your ECU and watch the results on the dyno. Then repeat as necessary until you have a mix of great power, and great reliability.

Most Air/Fuel controllers and Piggybacks cannot tune all these parameters, and the parameters they can control, are definitely not as accurate as burned information onto the chip. The other option would be a Hondata setup which does the exact same thing, but you can do all the tuning with the ECU together and still in the car, and it's all "live." The only bad part, is Hondata is stupid expensive...and the company has a stick up their ass. OBD1 Chip Tuning is free, and does the same thing (free since your tuner will already have the software on their computer, and most tuners give you a new blank chip for free...all you pay is the tuner/dyno's hourly rate).
tune it from scratch, and hondata is FTL!! ECTune FTW!!:clappy
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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