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Greddy Rebic III ~$150.00 shipped
The Rebic III is an additional injector controller designed to work independently of the factory ECU. It is totally universal and will work in all forced induction applications to supply additional fuel under high boost conditions and maintain a safe air/fuel ratio.
The Rebic III can drive anywhere from one to eight additional injectors and has the ability to interface with other Greddy products

Greddy 80mm Mechanical Boost Gauge (Japan 0nly model) Black ~$100.00 shipped

Spoon Sports Shift knob (Silver)~$35.00 shipped

OEM Knob (sake glass not included)~$5.00 shipped

Greddy Shift knob Blue Badge (Older Version)~$20.00 shipped

OEM Honda civic Stock Shock/Springs 40K miles (Fronts Only)~$50 shipped

Ichibahn Valve Stem Caps Anodized Blue or Red~$6.00 shipped

JDM Nardi Steering Wheel (Came out of a Dc2 in Japan)~$175.00 shipped or trade for a D-shape wheel

Falken Circuit Spec W/Falken Zeix 205/40/17 20% tread~taking offers/willing to trade

Looking for 98-01 Integra Headlights And Front Bumper

Contact [email protected] with any questions or feel free to PM me with offers
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