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greddy front lip

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does anybody have the greddy front lip/OEM sides, rear combo?
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come on, somebodys gotta have it...Im in desperate need boys..someone please help!
it will look good........expect to wait 3 months for it though:eek:
It'll look bad ass man...Or get WW rs kit, since that one sits a little lower on the sides and rear
some guy has the greddy front lip and the ww sides and rear and it looks wicked! some other guy did the greddy front lip and the mugen sides and rear combo, looks good too!
i have an rs front lip and was gonna put it on with the oem sides and rear.....but everybody has that lip in toronto...thats why im changing my mind...Does anyone have a pic of such a combo

your very welcome:cool:
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Are there any such lips as those for 4G Preludes?
You da man 97lude:cool:
yea r there n e greddy lips on 4th gen...cuz i knoe they make ww rs for 4th gen. n if they do make greddy lips on 4th gen n e one knoe if it looks tite?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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