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what do you guys think is better?......i am thinking about changing my setup and i want some opinons?
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I like DC for headers, both make a good exhaust...go with what sounds better unless you are building a serious street/strip car...
thats the dilemma.....i know they both make hella good product....and i dont know which one to choose
thats what i was leaning towards.........
DC all the way from those two choices....... I am not a fan of a company that has to totally change there name when they come to the US from Japan...... Even though Trust/Greddy has a decent product, I dont like sticking to mainstream, and they both are VERY mainstream.... RS*R header and HKS Exhaust..... :cool:
Are the Greddy parts California CARB legal? I know the DC ones are. :)
yes, GREDDY is CARB legal....and as for the RS*R header...i dont think they make one for the 90-91 LS...and i dont think HKS makes a full catback for the CRX
What the hell's with this stupid "mainstream" crap? If they're mainstream, it means people like them, which means they have a good product. people usually dont like to buy worthless pieces of shit.

Go greddy, unless you wanna stay underground, and not mainstream :rolleyes:
just in case anyone was wondering HKS does make a CRX exhaust system....however the piping diameter is only 2" where as the GREDDY is about 2 1/4" (maybe a little bit bigger then that), and RS*R DOES NOT make a 90-91 LS header and as for people buying worthless pieces of shit, what about all those people out there buying hyundai's and kia's and fixing them up?

Guess you have a set of Altezza's on your car that give you that "show quality" look since they are such a "quality" product.
thats how you seem to think. And let me guess, if you really do own a set, they dont leak either.
Oh and CRXtc, check the HKS Japan site, see if the exhaust from the SiR will have a bigger diameter. As for the Header, Im sorry, I didnt realize it was a B18B1, I would go with the stainless DC header.
thanx mayng...i will check rite now
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