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GReddy Lip Spoiler...How low does it hang?

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I was thinking of getting a GReddy lip spoiler. Does anyone know if it hangs lower than the stock Si lip? If so, by how much? And is it made of plastic or urethane? Also, does it fit OEM specifications, in that will it attach the same way the stock Si lips attaches? Thanks peeps. Much appreciated.
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It hangs way lower than the stock lip. It fits really good tho. It hangs a good inch 1/2 or more than the stock lip. Get the mugen lip, I think i should've gotten that.
The mugen lip was my first choice...but I didn't think it hung much lower than the Si lip. Does it? I need something that hangs low enough to match up with my JT Evo side skirts.
If u need it to hang low get the greddy. I dont think the mugen hangs much lower than stock. I have xenon side skirts so i thought the greddy lip made it to low. The front is lower than my sides so thats y i should've gotten the mugen. But yea...if u need it low get the greddy. It fits really good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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