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Greddy shift knob

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Any guys out there with this knob? I have the knob and be billet coating on it is fading/wearing off, is there any way i can save it or just buy a new one. I'm also afraid that if i buy a new one it'll do the same thing, any suggestions?

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is it real, or did you get it from ebay? regardless, i'd just get a new one if you need it to look new. sorry i'm not of much help.
i'm assuming it's real, got it off group buy center, and it came in a Trust package. thanx for the help any way.
is it the long one that covers a lot of the shifter? or is the ball one?
long one, the one that looks like a veilside one.
errrrrrrr that sucks.. i got that one.. just a few months old tho..
Got mine last christmas and by summer it was starting to fade on the sides that get touched a lot. Thought maybe a billet polish would restore it, but can't find one.
At your local walmart they sould sell some of that eagle aluminum polish. I think its around 5 bucks... that should polish it up and make it look new again. All knobs will wear depending on use.
thanx for the info, i hope it works.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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