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Greddy SP2/Random Tech Hi-Flow Cat Converter

Car: 1992 Honda Accord EX sedan
Engine: stock F22A6, no mods

Greddy SP2 exhaust, Random Technology Hi-Flow Cat converter

The Greddy SP2 sounds pretty damn awesome. I've heard that the Apexi WS2 and RS-R are the quietest exhausts you can get for our cars, but I can't imagine anything quieter than the Greddy SP2 at idle except stock. When you get on the gas, the sound really comes out. Great exhaust for those who dont want attention from the police while still sounding nice. The performance gains are unbelieveable, but keep in mind I basically went from having no exhaust (pic of flex pipe ) to a new flex pipe, hi-flo cat converter and the sp2. I bought the exhaust from Great service, sent out the tracking number within 24 hours of shipping. The random technology hi-flow cat is great. It comes flanged for our car, so it bolts right in. I've heard nothing but good things about them on this site. I do feel a huge increase in performance but because I added both the SP2 and RT hi-flo cat at the same time, I can't differentiate which contributes the most to this increased performance.

I'll try to get better pics and a sound clip later. I'll edit this post when I do.

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