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Product Greddy SP2 Exhaust

Application 92-96 Prelude (All)

Installation Beginner.. If you can unbolt a few nuts and bolts you should be able to do this. The only hard part is to get old nuts and bolts off the catalytic converter. Make sure to have an impact wrench and or torch ready as well. Just jack up the car and unbolt the 3 bolts from the catalytic converter. Then pull the exhaust hanger out of the rubber grommets and the whole exhaust system should come down. To install: do each piece separately or mount the whole system up and bolt the 3 bolts back onto the catalytic converter. You'll need to buy new ones because the old ones are probably going to be shot.

Time: Approx: 1 hr-2 hrs. The longest part was trying to get the old rusty bolts off. Otherwise the actual installation is about 30 mins.

Difficulty 1 out of 5. Very easy to do given you have all the tools. If you know how to use a socket wrench and wrench you can do this.

setup: AEM cold air intake, dc header, and stock catalytic converter

I originally had a Greddy Power Extreme Exhaust that in my opinion sounded exactly the same as a Greddy Evo2 and I thought that it doesn't sounded that annoying or loud compared to a lot of cheap generic exhaust out there. However when I installed the SP2 on it was significantly quieter than the extreme.
At startup it is a faint low rumble and barely noticeable. During acceleration you can hear it but not aggressive sounding as the extreme. No raspy noise or anything. As for power I can definitely feel a difference but that could be that I had a broken mid pipe for about a month now. I would suggest getting this exhaust if you want something with very mild exhaust noise levels with the same performance gain but if you want something that sounds slightly more aggressive then to get the evo2.
I was about 1 inch short from the cat but I got it to fit with a little bit of pushing and pulling. but overall no other issues.

I highly recommend this exhaust because of the quality and performance gains without sounding too loud. however I do miss my low rumble and being able to hear my vtec kick in a little bit more. If you want to hear what it sounds like there are many clips of this exhaust on you tube.
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