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Greddy Turbo...Or F Max ... ?

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Im havin some trouble on wat to get .. i gotta 99 prelude and i wanna put a turbo on...but im havin trouble if i should wait for the greddy and see wassup with that or if i should go with the fmax..i have abround 3 months to decide..
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id wait and see what th greddy's #s look like..the fmax is a great kit....cant go wrong there...but greddy is carb legal....
well that carb thing doesnt really pertain to you...;)
Seems as though youve done a lot to your car...So u have the Fmax turbo cause i didnt see it on ur sig. I just need somthing thatll bring attention and kick everyones ass .. :) plus im getting the black widow kit on it and i want an intercooler to fit right in place and make it look tite.
im waiting for the greddy kit...caly smog sucks...Fmax is a very nice kit...comes with everything their site says 288whp on 8psi..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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