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OK noob, a few pointers.

1. Get better music.
2. Take your parkinsens medication, you shake like a leaf in the wind.
3. 4-way Blinkers are gay, and should only be used by the winner of a street race to let the folks at the starting line know who won.
4. Obnoxiosly loud cars also are not cool unless the car is undoubtedly fast. My car looks cooler than anything I saw in this video and is quieter and would run with, if not outrun everything in the vid.
5. I like the mass movement of cars at one time. That shit is cool to me. Nothing like getting all your boys together and cruising but again, dont run your 4-way the ENTIRE FUCKING TIME.

I like the vid dont get me wrong, but the things i mentioned just annoy the shit out of me. Dont get mad, just know these things could be better.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts