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grinding in gears

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I have a 90 teg with 175K on it and whenever i change from 2nd gear the 3rd above like 3500 rpm it grinds no matter how slow i shift. also even if i switch directly from 2nd to 4th it still grinds. does that mean taht my sycros are gone. If so which ones 3rd and 4th or 2nd?
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3rd and 4th. if it doesn't grind going into second then second is fine. unless it grinds coming out of sec.
Yep it's gone. I had that happen to me about 2 years ago. I had to buy a new tranny.
First are you fully disengaging the clutch? Im not saying your a bad driver but that might be a cause since we get so used to just shifting. If it isnt then its probally your 3rd and 4th gear synchros maybee. The 2nd gear synchros usually wear out way before the 3rd and 4th so you might wanna go to a shop and actually see whats wrong.
third gear grind is a common problem with hondas also fifth gear i would not worry about it too much for now. my 94 gsr has been grinding for like 6 months now in fifth gear and nothing has happened yet except made me mad. if it gets real bad then take it to a shop (honda or acura ) dealer and ask if you might have missed a recall or service bulletin.
check your clutch. grind does not mean synchros gone.
Lam said:
check your clutch. grind does not mean synchros gone.
My gears grinded hard into 3rd gear. It was the syncros. It was under warrenty still so honda replaced it for me. It wasn't the clutch though.
i had the same problem with my car after a while all the gears did this and i couldnt even get into gear in any RPM had to replace the tranny and the clutch was gone also:mad:
i have a 90-93 manual tranny for sale. it has about 10000 on it but it works perfectly. if you would like i will sell you the tranny, a b18a block and a b18a head with a jg pro series port job on it. the block needs rings and the head needs valves. the head also has jg 301 cams in it and adj cam gears. i also have many,many extra parts to this engine, clutch, flywheel etc,etc. i will also throw in a super afc (old style) with it. i will let everything go for 1000. the reason i am seling this is i just sold my 91 teg and have no use for this anymore as i did not buy another acura. let me know.
not so found memories

i remembe when my tranny was acting up like a year ago.
i had a civic w/ a B18B and after like 8 months my shit was grinding into 5th. the way i solved it was when i shifted into
5th i'd hold the cluth in until my rpm when all the way down.
i knew it was the synchro so instead of messing w/ the car anymore i just sold it. i know what a punk ass thing to do. :p
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