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Ground Control and Koni Yellow's

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I don't know too much about lowering my car or suspension at all besides what i read off SHO but it has come down to Ground Control and Koni Yellow's

Not the cheapest lowering setup but, does anyone have web sites to the cheapest places to purchase these items?! had a nice price on the Ground Control's but Koni yellows were still a hefty $5xx

Please help a poor man out.
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Get a quote from

Then go to and tell them's price after they tell you there price.

Then go back to and tell them you checked around and found had the same set-up for such and such price. ==> Which will be cheaper than the original price you were quoted :)

I did this and saved a few bucks :):D
I wanna contact you about thoes subs

What is yoru email I want to contact you about thoes subs
Make sure that when you order your Ground Controls that you tell them you are going to use Koni Yellows because there is a difference.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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