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1) Is there any additional hardware / accessiories required when using Blistein HD shocks?

2) What is wrench for that they always advertise?

I'm thinking to turn the adjustable spring rate :confused:

3) Does anything cover the threaded sleeve part?

I can't imagine it staying clean / free of debris. Seems like it would really be a pain to adjust if dirt and $hit got in the threads

4) Will it be ok to ride around with the spring set on a lower setting / slammed look?

I imagine the quality in ride will just decrease as you go lower. Any first hand experience with the different levels?

5) Last any e-mail addresses to write for technical support at Ground Control?

All I found was a long distance #. I would much rather go through e-mail so I a) have it on paper what they say b) can post the exact messages here!

6) Do I have to cut my bumpstops?

Below is a pic of the coilover:


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1.) For bilsten shocks you have to order a different part for them. It is like 10 dollars extra a piece, so a total of 40 bucks more.

2.) The wrench the advertise is basically an allen wrench. It is used to tighten the single perch. It also works well for holding the screw on top of the shock when taking the top plate off when installing them.

3.) Nothing covers the sleeve, but no coilovers that I know of have anything to cover the sleeve.

4.) The lower you go the bouncier your ride is.

5.) If you buy through a vendor then they can probably help you with support. You shouldn't need it though. The install is straight foward and they come with good instructions.

6.) They recommend you cut the smaller half of your bumpstop off. You also have to cut the stock metal sleeve that goes around the shock body.
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