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Ground Controls?

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Does anyone have opinions of these or have them on their cars?
Just wondering if I should go with these or Pro Kits.


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I don't have the Ground Controls, but a friend of mine had the V-spec coilovers (which is what I have right now), and got Ground Controls, and said that the GC have a much better ride. I personally love the ride on the Eibach Sportlines, and the drop is pretty good. The Prokits don't give that much of a noticeable drop. HTH! :)
I've had the GC coilovers on my AV6 4dr for almost a year. There ok, I recommend them if you plan on getting new shocks as well, otherwise stick with the prokit. And with the GC's you have to lower them at least 2 inches or the spring will be so compressed that a slight bump will cause the spring to touch itself making a thud noise. I have mine dropped around 2 in front and back, and im plannning on getting Konis this summer. You can check out how they look at my website:
was it difficult to get 'em on? I wanted to get some but have no $$ at the moment to spring for both the GC and the PMantis is raving about the i'm pretty torn...

also, i don't really trust people in Baltimore- there aren't very many performance shops here in the if possible- i wanted to put 'em on myself...

Is it rough? the ride...please compare to stock...the R was pretty rough...
the ride didnt chance dramatically, from stock, but what did were my rims, since the tires are so thin you FEEL the bumps more. the springs were installed by my friend Matt Bonari, he owns 1201 Aeromotive(aka Advanced Racing Tech.), i trust him with my car. It took him awhie to install, maybe 3-4hours. He said the accords are harder to work on. I believe him too, I was there the whole time trying to learn. Personally, I would never try to do it myself, looks too difficult for my skill level. I got them for 425 which included shipping tax, and install, so i think i got a good deal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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