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GroupBuy Type R Grill Pt. 2 (UPDATED VER.)

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THIS DEAL IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first thread, Pt. 1 ==> HERE!!!

I am starting the part 2 since part 1 has a lot of replies and info throughout the entire 6+ pages.

The deal was to get 10 buyers in and the grills were ours for $50 for the Civic / $55 for the Accord. **Prices include shipping**

Payments have been sent out. As of 3/7/02 6 paypal payments have been made!!


1) LX98Civic
2) TnyTouchsGrlSKR
3) Daft
4) crash6934
5) prettyboy0714
6) jeisai


1) pnc/Rcer (sent 3/4)
2) jdmjason (sent 3/5)

Please confirm if you have made payment:


Here's the old list of users that were in on this:
If you are not in please let me know so I can take you off the list
LX98Civic (96-98 Civic) confirmed
CivicRus (96-98 Civic)
mhardy (96-98 Civic)
pnc/Rcer (94-97 Accord) confirmed
Daft (99-00 Civic) confirmed
boydrifter (94-97 Accord)
prettyboy0714 (99-00 Civic) confirmed
crash6934 (99-00 Civic) confirmed

Has anyone sent out money orders??? (checks are NOT accepted)

Post up what is going on so we can get this done and get our grills!!

REMEMBER IT'S ALL UP TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grills are available for:
94-97 accord / 98-00 accord coupes
96-98 civics / 99-00 civics

How the grill looks:

For the 96-98 civic you have a choice between the grill posted above and the one below:

Any questions PM me or check out the first thread ===> HERE can also e-mail me with any questions at: [email protected]

If you decide to get in on this there a couple of things you need to do:

1) Let Mitch know you are in on the groupbuy with Jonathan (me)
when you send in the payment. (money orders only!! NO
checks to avoid clearing issues!!)
2) Specify what kind of vehicle you have (duh!)
3) If you have a 96-98 civic specify which grill out of the 2 you
would like.
4) E-mail me, PM, or post to one of the 2 threads that you have
made payment, sent a money order out or paid using paypal.

Payment info:

Money Order: Mitch Gee
2401 N. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Paypal ==> [email protected]
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These are pictures below from a ebayer who purchased the same EXACT grill we are going to get!!! **Of course us 96-98 owners can get black mesh instead of silver :cool:**

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pnc/Rcer said:
I sent mine out priority maill monday morning, charged the postage to the job so it should be there by tommorow. Now I'm just waiting to get it back, can't wait to install.
Thanks again for puttin this together man.
No problem since I am benefiting too ;)

You make #6 and I e-mailed a guy who was getting in (last I heard) from over at another forum. If he get's in that will be #7

...and I just PM'ed 2 guys from the Accord forum that were interested.

I'll keep you all posted!!
DonnyBoy said:
What brand of grill is this is it factory or an aftermarket brand???
It's an aftermarket. Type R replica. But, as you can see in the pic of the grill installed, it looks like OEM quality by the way it fits.
Re: How does aluminum stand up rust?

kn1ghtrydr said:
What's up,
I'm interested in joining this groupbuy but I work on a navy base so my car is exposed to the ocean and it's rust causing vapors (my home made grill didn't last one month even with rust proof Krylon paint) all the time. So I was wondering if the aluminum was anodized or if anything was done to protect it from rusting before I joined up. Thanks and let me know.
I e-mailed him and will let you know his response as soon as I get one.


kn1ghtrydr said:
What's up,
I'm interested in joining this groupbuy but I work on a navy base so my car is exposed to the ocean and it's rust causing vapors (my home made grill didn't last one month even with rust proof Krylon paint) all the time. So I was wondering if the aluminum was anodized or if anything was done to protect it from rusting before I joined up. Thanks and let me know.

As for the grill it is not anodized but the 96-98 meshes are painted
but as for how much protection it will provide I'm not sure. 8 members
be fine but as for keeping the group buy up, you can just remove it,
margin on ebay is much much better. I will notify each member and
them the tracking number once they go out
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UPS confirmation!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else get the confirmation with tracking #?

My tracking # does not work :( ....but I think the grills have shipped :)

Post if you got the e-mail.......
crash6934 said:
yea i got the email with tracking number but it dosent work either.....maybe their server is down or something or maybe they havent gone out yet but are in ups ya know what i mean
I don't know why the #'s don't work. But this sucks if true:

Scheduled Delivery: 18-March-2002

:( I want my grill :cry:
crash6934 said:
i didnt even see that part......wellits only a week that sucks i wish it would come before the weekend
Yeah, I was hoping that I could sport it this weekend :(

Oh well, I gues we should just be glad they have shipped now.....

I need to order my headlights, ground controls, and skunk2 camber kit (waiting on skunk2's reply ;))
Tracking # is working now :)

Still set to arrive the same day though :(
TnyTouchsGrlSKR said:
Alright don't hate me guys...
But mine says it's scheduled to arrive TODAY!! Woohoooo! Hopefully it's right...but UPS is pretty much what it says, or maybe a day later. Since it's shipping out of Cerritos, and I'm only in San Diego it shouldn't take long at all. Can't wait till I get it...and hopefully it's the right order!
Lucky SOB! I was wondering if anyone who ordered was over in Cali :cry:

Let us know how the install goes and how it looks / fits, etc.....
TnyTouchsGrlSKR said:
Is it an easy install? How long should it take?
I should of posted this for everyone yesterday:


Let us know how it goes :)
civicDX said:

Just thought you might want to check this out.. They have the Type R grill for 40 + shipping.. Probably have it for all cars, but I was just looking in the 99-00 Civic section...
Not bad :eek:

But, I still like the other mesh I am getting better though :eek:
clique said:

How many of you are going to have it painted? I was thinking of putting it on without painting it, I figure black on silver wouldn't look bad at all. Of course, I guess I could just put it on, and if it looks too tacky, I can just take it off and have it painted.
I don't plan to paint it.....
I'll see how it goes with the lower black opening and my clear / black headlights first :cool:
clique said:

$100+... ouch :(

Think its authentic?
Kind of hard to tell.

But, with this statement I'm having my doubts: 96-00 Honda Civic Si / Type-R Front grill w/ stock mesh

Anyhow, looks liek the one we all got for $50 :p

I tried replying to you the other day (just tried again), but your PM box was / is full. Did you e-mail Mitch to see if he got the payment? 3 of us (that's all that posted :() had the grills shipped out Monday. He should of sent you a tracking # when the grill was sent out. let me know.....

pnc/Rcer said:
Can you give me Mitch's e-mail address, My pm box is empty now.
You have a PM....
jeisai said:
I'm still waiting on the pm that didn't come through, dude. Send it again.
Which one was that :p

I had like 3 PM's that I sent out to different people asking Q's and none went through. So, I deleted them all because I got pissed :rolleyes:

Hit me up! My $hit's always clean :D
crash6934 said:
has anyone gotten the grill yet and have they put it on yet? let usknow hwo it goes.....and lx98 is urs still scheduled for monday too? :( that sucks today is an awesome day.....well at least compared to what it has been its lilke 50 now i wish it was here so i could put it on
Yeah, one grill arrived. I can't remember who it is off hand :p
It's the guy out in Cali. It did NOT fit his aftermarket bumper / kit and he was going to try it on his OEM 4 door. But, that is one of the problems you may face when using aftermarket parts such as the front bumer kit. Hopefully, it will fit fine on his 4 door :)
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