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GroupBuy Type R Grill Pt. 2 (UPDATED VER.)

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THIS DEAL IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first thread, Pt. 1 ==> HERE!!!

I am starting the part 2 since part 1 has a lot of replies and info throughout the entire 6+ pages.

The deal was to get 10 buyers in and the grills were ours for $50 for the Civic / $55 for the Accord. **Prices include shipping**

Payments have been sent out. As of 3/7/02 6 paypal payments have been made!!


1) LX98Civic
2) TnyTouchsGrlSKR
3) Daft
4) crash6934
5) prettyboy0714
6) jeisai


1) pnc/Rcer (sent 3/4)
2) jdmjason (sent 3/5)

Please confirm if you have made payment:


Here's the old list of users that were in on this:
If you are not in please let me know so I can take you off the list
LX98Civic (96-98 Civic) confirmed
CivicRus (96-98 Civic)
mhardy (96-98 Civic)
pnc/Rcer (94-97 Accord) confirmed
Daft (99-00 Civic) confirmed
boydrifter (94-97 Accord)
prettyboy0714 (99-00 Civic) confirmed
crash6934 (99-00 Civic) confirmed

Has anyone sent out money orders??? (checks are NOT accepted)

Post up what is going on so we can get this done and get our grills!!

REMEMBER IT'S ALL UP TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grills are available for:
94-97 accord / 98-00 accord coupes
96-98 civics / 99-00 civics

How the grill looks:

For the 96-98 civic you have a choice between the grill posted above and the one below:

Any questions PM me or check out the first thread ===> HERE can also e-mail me with any questions at: [email protected]

If you decide to get in on this there a couple of things you need to do:

1) Let Mitch know you are in on the groupbuy with Jonathan (me)
when you send in the payment. (money orders only!! NO
checks to avoid clearing issues!!)
2) Specify what kind of vehicle you have (duh!)
3) If you have a 96-98 civic specify which grill out of the 2 you
would like.
4) E-mail me, PM, or post to one of the 2 threads that you have
made payment, sent a money order out or paid using paypal.

Payment info:

Money Order: Mitch Gee
2401 N. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Paypal ==> [email protected]
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yea i paid thru paypal like the first day he said it was a go.....and if u want to get in on this please us paypal because money orders take forever. and if you havent paid or changed ur mind about hte grill post it up here so we know not to wait for u
yea i got the email with tracking number but it dosent work either.....maybe their server is down or something or maybe they havent gone out yet but are in ups ya know what i mean
i didnt even see that part......wellits only a week that sucks i wish it would come before the weekend
yea i saw it is working now that sucks its gonna take so long.....but whatever it was a good price
anyone have the lower grill? and hwo do u install that one?
has anyone gotten the grill yet and have they put it on yet? let usknow hwo it goes.....and lx98 is urs still scheduled for monday too? :( that sucks today is an awesome day.....well at least compared to what it has been its lilke 50 now i wish it was here so i could put it on
yea it should fit on the oem bumper right? cause i dont have an aftermarket bumper so im hoping it fits.....
yea i just got my gril and installed looks good but i would like it better if it was painted but i dont feel like paying for it to be be painted. its real easy to install./ im just waiting for the muffler
yea it was a good fit....i had to take the bumper off to get the stock grill off and the new grill is only held on by the clips at the i just put the bumperback on after i toook the stock grill out and then it slid on easy
yea fits nicely looks good but wish it was color matched
1 - 10 of 61 Posts
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