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GS and GS-R???

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GS 4dr and GS-R 4dr exhaust???

can any1 help me answerin this question..i have a 98 4dr GS, and looking at purchasing the DC catback exhaust system, but the problem is DC doesnt make the exhaust for GS 4DR, but they have it for GSR my concern is ..would a GSR exhaust sys. fits on my GS? is there any major differences between the 2 types...the bends, tubin'...????
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i believe the LS application will fit.
but DCs only make ex. sys. for GSR sedan, and none for the rest (ex. RS, LS, GS Sedans)
I am not sure but there may be a difference in tubing, bends, etc, because you are comparing different motors. If thats the case, then start looking at other kinds of exhaust.
the GSR exhaust systems from 94-99 are different in length than the other Tegs due to different a length collector/cat. in 00 and 01 the GSR was designed to be the same length as the LS/ITR.

basically the exhaust systems are the same otherwise (cept maybe diameter), you just have to get one that fits the LS/GS or get the GSR exhaust system and throw on a high flow cat in a different length to make up the difference, such as a Carsound cat.

like sweet said the down pipe to the cat will not match up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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