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GSR b17

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Ok I need to know what the difference between the GSR b17 and the B16 are. besides the tenth of a litter difference. I know the cams are different. Is the head different ? rods pistons? And could you use a supercharger made for the b16 on the B17. Thanks
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b17 gsr vrs b16 si

the b17 has 117lb torque, b16 has 111 lb torque same horse power 160... but the funny thing is this: b17 u will find in the 92 -93 integra gsr ok cool... now if u race a 99-2000 si with low mileage against a 92-93 gsr who u think it wins i will leave it up to u putos... guessssss???? write it dont be shy. nyc baby...
yah i think a gen2 GSR vs. a 99-00 SI would be a nice match, all on driver i think. but lets not get into that

the b16a head is a little better than the b17 but not by that much. the only pro to that is with the b16 head you use a type R intake manifold. rods are going to be different because the b17 is of course a 1.7 compared to the b16's 1.6. pistons are interchangeable jus like all B-series minus the b20. and if your talking about a JR supercharger then it wont bolt right on and i dont know if modifications will be possible. HTH
to clear things up. the head on the b17, b16 and type r b18c5 are identical. only difference is on type r there is port and quench work done. all three heads will accept the type R intake.
the b18c1 head from a gsr is totally different. different intake and bolt holes are in different places which is why skunk2 makes a type r intake for b18c1 head.
how do i know this? i have a gsr, my bro has a gen2 gsr b17 (which is way sweet)... but i still smoke him.
Major differences are pistons, rods and crank. The B17A1 has an oil cooler too. I don't think that there are any other differences.

A low mileage 92-93 GS-R vs 99-00 Civic Si-R would be up to the driver. I think the gearing in the 92-93 GS-R is a little better. I'm not 100% sure about the Si-R, but the 92-93 GS-R has a 4.5 final gear. Great for accelerating, horrible for cruising.
So then a JR supercharger for the b16 could work on the b17 just fine right? If the head is the same. Granted it might not work as well as on the b16 but I would do the job?
JR superchargers dont fit inside the gen2 gsr engine bay. in fact i have tried to fit a JR, Vortech civic SI superchagerand none of them fit. have to turbo it.

gen2 GSR vs civic SI, depends on tires, conditions, driver, and who gets the best launch. and an 8000rpm redilne does help he he.
actually you CAN get them to fit, but you have to relocate or change alot of parts on the firewall. and not many g2 owners with the JRSC have alot of good things to say about em. im just quoting what people say on the g2ic boards.
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