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gsr civic question

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how you doin?
i have a 92 civic lx, with nuspeed sport 1.8 drop, on performance shocks, with no rear disk brakes, and stock civic radiator. are there any recomendations for rear disk brake swap/front big brake upgrade, larger radiator, suspension upgrade, when i swap in the b18c powerplant? the car will be NA and daily driver. Lastly what is necessary when i swap? thanks all
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You might need to upgrade your springs and shocks integra ones for extra stiffness and higher springs rates. As for the brakes, I would go with brakes from a 94-01 integra gsr on all four corners. If you want to later you could go with AEM, brembo, willwood, baer, ect. brakes in the front. For the radiator, go with a gsr raidiator, or a fluidyne one made for a civic. The fluidyne is better but also much more expensive. The gsr one will do the job fine.


I have a civic coupe, with a B18c1, and I had to replace the rad, and put an integra one to replace it, also replaced the shocks and springs. The ride is fine, but still need brakes. I was thinking about putting GSR brakes on all four. Another idea I had was, to just upgrade to larger rotors up front,with good pads and brake fluid, and the AEM rear drum to disk conversion. I think any one of those combos would do well. Good luck with yours.
thanks but, what is necessary
i.e brakes, radiator and upgrade from nuspeed to higher spring rate?

thanks again
Get a radiator like integra or aftermarket one.
a civic ex radiator works just fine.
my gf has a 1993 civic ex sedan, we dropped the engine right in, the only thing that had to be changed was her tranny mount bracket since we did a 5 spd conversion.
the radiator in the ex is almost identical to the integra ones. as far as brakes and suspension, there was no need since the ex already had 4 wheel disks, and she already had coilovers. with an lx...well if you ahve the one with ABS i dont think you need to bother with changing anything unless its for your own kicks...

many companies also have the same part # for civic and integra lowering i see no reason at all to change shocks or springs either.

The stock rad from a single cam civic doesn't work well with a B18c1. If you drive hard in the summer, your stock rad will not able to cool quick enough. To build a proper hybrid the rad has to be changed. It's cost only a couple hundred dallors (Candaian for me) to get a rad from an integra. I had a stock rad for a while. My engine was fine in the winter, but when summer came it was overheating, when I was driving hard. Good luck!

Hybrid builder since 1995;)
u guys must b doin something wrong. the radiator works fine from the EX. i got a C1 highly modified, never had any cooling problems in the car, even sittin in the summer time idling in traffic. the integ radiator doesnt just drop in. u need to move the lower radiator mounts. i wouldnt buy fluidyne because they r too expensive.
are all 94-2001 integras (gs,ls, gsr) the same?
no they are different
the gsr engine is a b18c1 the typ r engine is a b18c5 and the rest get b18b1 engines
sorry, I meant are the raidiators different
the civic has 2 dif radiators, one is a tiny single core the other is small but is a double core nd the teg radiator goes fully across the grill...the civic one is half way across only.
so all model 94-2001 integra raiditors are the same>?
for the rear you can use brakes from any of the following:
92-95 civic si
94+ integra (ls,gs,gsr)
93-97 civic del sol vtec
99-00 civic si.
for the front you can use brakes from any 94+integra
or you can check out and get an 11"
kit that uses integra calipers and 11" rotors. that will be very close to a typer brake setup.
as for the radiator. you can use any 94+ integra radiator, or you can try getting an aftermarket radiator from Fluidyne $$$$$$ but the easiest and cheapest method is to get a radiator from a 93-97 civic del sol vtec. its a double core radiator and its still half the size of the integra radiator. and you wont have to move any radiator mounts and you dont have to fabricate any brakets
to make it fit.
you dont really need an upgraded radiator unless you leave in Arizona and/or you race your car on track often.
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