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GSR Heads

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Anybody know where i can get hold of a GSR head with everything on it besides at the dealer and at the junkyards because they're askin an arm and a leg for a head preferably on the internet any sites that sell heads would be good thanks
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im plannin on gettin a 94 teg ls during the summer and i wanted to make it into an ls-vtec... can somebody please explain the process to me?? the cost?? please be detailed. :)
i've heard that the b16 head has better air flow than the b18c head
just chillin said:
i've heard that the b16 head has better air flow than the b18c head
It does, but it gives lower compression due to the larger combustion chamber volume (about .2 less).
The B16A is also more compatible with type R parts, such as the intake manifold.
hey Tuan, i know youve been busy...but do i get to poke some fun at you for being a "newbie" :D :p ;)
16 posts...that's me ...a newbie on Version 4 SHO.

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well, you'll see me around most those places too...and here...being a regular joe too :D
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