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I got a few items from my buddys 96 GSR -- If there are any questions please Email me at- [email protected] or AIM- StkyKid84 I have other random stupid things from the GSr also like the
Windsheild washer resivore,
ABS unit,
ABS computer,
Exhaust mani.
Black carpet, etc.
if you want any random parts just ask.
But here are the main parts-
96 GSR door (No int. panel.) Has glass, review mirror, molding is gone, Red in color, minor scraches, small ding, still has door latch, If anyone needs parts from it (Review mirror, Door latch) let me know ill part them for you.
96 p72 - $200 shipped
96 Acura GSR OEM Floor mats - make an offer- Gray in color.
Rear Hatch hydrolic support- 20 bux shipped - still very strong
95 Integra LS rear sway bar - 40bux shipped
B16 Intake Manifold - 40bux shipped
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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